Sunday, August 4, 2013


     Todays not so riveting review is Reverb, a movie about a demonic ghost in the machine. 
     Definitely an interesting concept, however I think some people get too artsy and forget the basics of good story telling, like plots and scenes that don't jump around like Mario on a sky level.

     To begin this tacky terror we see flashes of dials, bloody walls, and hallways lit with red lights. Hmm I think maybe something bad happened.

     Now for all the excitement of two young people flirting while working as telephone operators. Ooooh inter office relationship, how risqe.

     And we have our typical care free pot smoking scene. Is it me or do bad things always happen after doing drugs? Are horror movies maybe suggesting that terrible mutilations are all due to an alteration of mental state? Or is it a social comment on drug users getting into trouble? Meh, either way I don't hold much hope of these kids making it through the movie.

     Looks like our leads are renting out a recording studio to record the best album ever- you mean their goal in life is not to work in telephone operations? Shock. 
     Well apparently they can only rent it at night and they're friend has to lock them in the building with no way out. What could possibly go wrong? Wait, some crazy dude killed himself in the studio years back? Thats not foreboding.

     Ok lets jam out to some beats. Seriously though, since when does pot cause murderous acid trips? Paranoid yes, but pretty lights and hallucinations? 

     Yay more close ups on inane objects that are supposed to be spooky for some reason.

     Now the plot is finally going somewhere, they discover a hidden track in the music. 'Help me,' hmm interesting lyrics, perhaps they tuned into a beetles station by accident.
     And someone keeps calling, from inside the building? hmm, thought they were supposed to be alone in the studio.

     Never mind that nauseating sounds of tortured crying on their music tracks, lets make out! Its not an indy horror movie without a pointless sex scene, well, not pointless for adolescent males watching this I guess.

     Surprise! They make it through the night. But there going back tomorrow night? I'd be counting my lucky starts I got out in the first place, but sure, lets go back. Even after all the bad mojo rising.

     Lets do some research on crazy suiside dude. Woah, he did some creepy ritualistic musical killings. 

     Will our musical mains make it out of studio hell a second time?

     Will they make an album that would bring tears to satans eyes?

      Will a crazy suicide musician demon worshiper drive them to hack each other to bits?

     Guess you'll have to watch to find out. 

     This movie is basically 'The Shining' done poorly. Our crazy lead is a musician instead of a writer. All work and no guitar play makes crazy music dude a dull boy.

Final Fright: Go crazy devil worship

     All and all I'd say this movie is not very well paced and is a bit on the hard to follow side with its crazy jump cuts of footage that may or may not be prevalent to the actual story. I respect that they got it made and if not for the random plot line it might have been a good movie with an interesting concept. 

     Two claws up.

     Until next time, unpleasant screams,


    Kidna Styx

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