Sunday, August 4, 2013


     Todays not so riveting review is Reverb, a movie about a demonic ghost in the machine. 
     Definitely an interesting concept, however I think some people get too artsy and forget the basics of good story telling, like plots and scenes that don't jump around like Mario on a sky level.

     To begin this tacky terror we see flashes of dials, bloody walls, and hallways lit with red lights. Hmm I think maybe something bad happened.

     Now for all the excitement of two young people flirting while working as telephone operators. Ooooh inter office relationship, how risqe.

     And we have our typical care free pot smoking scene. Is it me or do bad things always happen after doing drugs? Are horror movies maybe suggesting that terrible mutilations are all due to an alteration of mental state? Or is it a social comment on drug users getting into trouble? Meh, either way I don't hold much hope of these kids making it through the movie.

     Looks like our leads are renting out a recording studio to record the best album ever- you mean their goal in life is not to work in telephone operations? Shock. 
     Well apparently they can only rent it at night and they're friend has to lock them in the building with no way out. What could possibly go wrong? Wait, some crazy dude killed himself in the studio years back? Thats not foreboding.

     Ok lets jam out to some beats. Seriously though, since when does pot cause murderous acid trips? Paranoid yes, but pretty lights and hallucinations? 

     Yay more close ups on inane objects that are supposed to be spooky for some reason.

     Now the plot is finally going somewhere, they discover a hidden track in the music. 'Help me,' hmm interesting lyrics, perhaps they tuned into a beetles station by accident.
     And someone keeps calling, from inside the building? hmm, thought they were supposed to be alone in the studio.

     Never mind that nauseating sounds of tortured crying on their music tracks, lets make out! Its not an indy horror movie without a pointless sex scene, well, not pointless for adolescent males watching this I guess.

     Surprise! They make it through the night. But there going back tomorrow night? I'd be counting my lucky starts I got out in the first place, but sure, lets go back. Even after all the bad mojo rising.

     Lets do some research on crazy suiside dude. Woah, he did some creepy ritualistic musical killings. 

     Will our musical mains make it out of studio hell a second time?

     Will they make an album that would bring tears to satans eyes?

      Will a crazy suicide musician demon worshiper drive them to hack each other to bits?

     Guess you'll have to watch to find out. 

     This movie is basically 'The Shining' done poorly. Our crazy lead is a musician instead of a writer. All work and no guitar play makes crazy music dude a dull boy.

Final Fright: Go crazy devil worship

     All and all I'd say this movie is not very well paced and is a bit on the hard to follow side with its crazy jump cuts of footage that may or may not be prevalent to the actual story. I respect that they got it made and if not for the random plot line it might have been a good movie with an interesting concept. 

     Two claws up.

     Until next time, unpleasant screams,


    Kidna Styx

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hall H Confessions from Kidna's Alter ego, Awahl.

     All this information will be a little late considering con was last week, but for those of you who missed Hall H, the Con, and possibly the latest in entertainment news, I'm here to give you a few highlights.

     Lets start out with my arrival at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, a room I only get because I volunteer at Con every year. Otherwise I might never get to participate in the convention. It was nice and calm when I arrived, something that would not last long. 

     My hotel was already decked out with a giant spiderman on its side as well as a grim themed cafe and a Jonathan Rhys Meyers Dracula haunted house exhibit right outside. 

     Neither of which I got to check out since it was closed when ever I went to, or came back from work. Booo.
     So lets just skip my random gas-lamp adventures and get right to the start of Con.


     First things first, before I even have my morning coffee, I run into the cast of Workaholics, who for some reason couldn't figure out the elevator and were yo yoing from one floor to another. Luckily I was able to assist them. 

     Today I reported directly to Hall H where we prepared to sit 6500 people. Luckily we have a small third world's population worth of security guards to help manage the situation.

     Now lets roughly detail the panels of the day:

     'Europa report'
     A bunch of science nerds got together and made a movie. Its a beautifully shot space exploration story where something goes wrong and people start screaming. So eat it up space nerds, the scenes in this out there suspense is chock full of digital space replicas.

     'The Visionaries'
     Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Alfonso CuarĂ³n (Children of Men), and Marc Webb (The Amazing Spiderman). In this panel, these three brilliant minds shot the shit about film making, their careers past and present, and apologized to the audience for use of bad language. An excellent point was made on this panel; if people keep remaking things the way they are, several years from now there will be nothing to remake.

     'Enders Game'
     Harrison Ford (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc) has gone back to the final space frontier and every one on the panel was raging on him for not being more cheery during the Q&A. 

     This movie is of course based on the popular novel. There was even a giant exhibit of props from the movie outside the convention... Which of course I never got to see lol

     'The Zero Theorem'
     An inventive new movie directed by (Terry Gilliam) and staring Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Bastards) as a man who jumps through virtual realties in search for the meaning of existence. Unfortunately he is constantly interrupted by the management. A theam that resemble a few of Gilliam's other works like 'Time Bandits' and 'Brazil.'

     'Trailer Park'
     Tis the season of sequels and we got trailers for many long awaited movies. I am sure everyone has seen these trailers online by now, but here's a short list of them anyway.
     -'Machete 2' which features a crazy all start cast including such mega crazies as Mel Gibson (Braveheart) and Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men) as well as the tittle character himself Danny Trejo (Machete).

     -'Anchorman 2' which is filled with all the ridiculousness one would expect from such a thing. They have added many more stars to the cast, if you can imagine and I highly suggest finding this trailer on line. Its worth a watch.

     -'Kick Ass 2' which looks pretty kick ass.

     -And the horror of all horror movies... 'One Direction' the movie... What has this world come to? 

     -'Smurfs 2,' which looks like a whole but load of crazy.

     -'Chronicles of Riddick'- whatever the number. You Battlestar fans will be happy to see a familiar Starbuck in there staring along side Vin.

     -The next 'Hobbit' movie which of course all you Tolkien fans are looking forward to.

     And many many more trailers witch have major stars but didn't make this list for the sake of shortness.

     Its so sad that this tale of a mass murmuring serial killer will be coming to its dramatic finish. Many of the main cast members both past and present made the trip for their supposedly last comic con appearance. The fans had many questions about Dexters inner psychotic workings. At the end, they announced some pretty clever collectors edition series boxes which will have people wondering about you when they come to visit your house. 
     At the end, the cast attempted to throw their name placards to the fans. However with the distance between the stage and concert blockers in front of it, name cards prove to be surprisingly un-aerodynamic.

     Alright, first day over - or is it?
     This Thursday night I was ready and rearing for trouble. However, my friends and I only managed to hit a couple of parties, which were fun, until I managed to get a hold of Edgar Wright who was goodly enough to get me and a couple friends into the 'Worlds End' party. 

     The event was mostly over, but at least I got to say hi, catch a couple drinks, and make an ass out of myself to the workaholic guys. Payback for the morning elevator ride I say JK. Seriously though, when your friend says they know an actor, and you walk up to that actor to laugh about how you have a mutual acquaintance, its really awkward when they have no idea who you are talking about... Just saying. 

     That little embarrassment aside, it was a descent first day of Con.


     Now I missed friday in Hall H, so unfortunately I have nothing for you on the new 'Spiderman' 

     or 'Game of Thrones'. 

     I was absent because Kidna Styx was appearing in the autograph area to converse with fans about winning the 'Search for the Next Elvira' about a hundred years ago and how Kidna is the new hostess with the mostest. Big thanks to everyone who stoped by!

     It is amazing how exhausting sitting at a booth for 5 hours can actually make you. 
     This rather tiring day was concluded by a relaxing night of drinking on a patio with the boys from '5 Second Films' next to the DC 75 party where we sat watching the invited guests enjoy orderves and walk a red carpet, like proper voyers. Luckily one of the waitresses from the party was bored and took pity on us by bringing snacks and shots. Bless her heart.

     I wish my night ended here, it was supposed to, but then the insane happened. Little know fact, when a fire extinguisher goes off on one of the floors of the Hardrock, they evacuate the entire floor. Not that that information would have helped me out any as blaring sirens sounded at 2am in my room warning me to leave the hotel. 
     In my pajamas my friends and I hurried out to the fire escape. 

     However, when I turned to find my significant other, he had disappeared. 
     Let me explain this a little by informing you that my boyfriend use to be a fire fighter. So what did he decide to do? He ran toward the fire... in his pajamas... barefoot... completely ditching me. 

     Yeah ok heroic, whatever, I still think I was duly miffed for making me worry about him. Luckily it was just a fire extinguisher and not the hotel burning down.


     As usual, this was by far the biggest day of con and not a single person in Con-ville was disappointed.

     Here is that days epic line up:

     Good one to start with. Looks pretty kick ass with its giant cg lizard eating the heck out of some giant mothlings. This remake of the popular monster movie is directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters) and stars Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) 

     'Seventh Son'
     This one stars Jeff Bridges (The Dude) and Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian) This fantasy epic is based on old german story about the prophesied seventh son of the seventh son. All I know is- that family must have had a lot of kids.

     '300, Rise of the Empire'
     Astounding theyre making another considering that (spoiler alert) pretty much everyone died at the at end of the last one. Apparently its a prequel. 
     The trailer for this was full of awesome blood shed and epic Ozzy rock ballads. While I know that song wont make the cut of the movie, if I didn't want to see it before, the trailer, in true Zack Snyder (Watchmen) style, certainly changed my mind.

     With special guest Sandra Bullock (Love Potion #9) this is full of head turning space shots. This movie looks awesome and wondrous and features so many 360 rotations that I fear for my stomaches fortitude should I watch more than a minute of it.

     'The Lego Movie' 
     This animated abnormality is chock full of all the randomness the Lego video games bring you, with many a famous voice such as Morgan Freeman (Driving Ms Daisy) Charlie Day (Its Always Sunny) and many more. This feature is exactly the kind of thing that happens when you raise an entire generation on video games and television... Its kinda awesome. 

     'The Edge of Tomorw' 
     Its your standard scifi time paradox movie staring Tom Cruise (Top Gun). 

     The more interesting parts of the panel however came when Cruise and 'Chris Hardwick (The Nerdist) who had been moderating said panel, decided to have a 'Stacee Jaxx' off- yes from 'Rock of Ages' if you were able to get through that one. They both wanted to know where love is and it was certainly in the audience. 

     Another fun point for me was when Cruise called out co star Bill Paxton (Twister) to the stage. Unfortunately, Paxton who sat in the audience... of 6500 people... had no security guard to help him navigate the ebbing crowd. Quick I tried to oblige when Paxton suddenly took a left turn into crazy town, leapt onto a chair, then onto the concert blocker, and over the several foot gap to the stage. Thankfully Hardwick rushed to help him up. Had the athletic actor fallen... well lets not think about what its like to biff it on a four foot tall metal concert blocker.

     'I, Frankenstein' 
This epic re-imagining features Aaron Eckhart (Two Face). Looks like someone was a big fan of underworld and decided that Frankenstein wasn't get the love that Dracula and Wolf-man have been receiving in the past few years. Somehow this sewn together immortal is stuck in the crossfire between gargoyles and angels- or was it demons? Either way, they all have massive wings and its pretty hard to tell who's on what side. 

     'Hunger Games' 
     This panel featured Jennifer Lawrence (Young Mystique) and a good chunk of the cast including Lenny Kravitz (Rock Star). Looks like the twilight fans have found a new series to idolize. Personally, I think this is the far better choice for them, however, a room full of squealing teens is never a pleasant experience- at least not if you like your ear drums. The previews were pretty awesome and full of fighty goodness.

     'Women who Kick Ass'
     This panel featured iconic women from 'Battlestar Galactica,' 'The Fast and the Furious,' and 'The Walking Dead.' There was much discussion on this panel about women and their roles in mainstream hollywood. The parts are getting a little better for the fairer sex, but action parts are still not as plentiful as they are for males. Many in-depth topics were discussed at length in a very sewing circle fashion. I think the only thing they neglected to talk about was how their monthly cycles affected their acting. Would hate to do a harnessed double backflip that day.

     'The Wolverine'
     The next couple panels consisted of a whole lot of crazy. Oh where to start.
Well, first and for most Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine) came out to talk about the new movie, where Jackman talked about roaming the convention floor dressed as wolverine and how people thought he was too tall. 

     This was quickly followed by a complete round house kick to the audiences faces when they brought out almost every x-men actor in the movie series history out onstage to talk about 'X-Men Days of Futures Past.' This was a pretty epic panel. 

     We barely had enough microphones to cover them all. 
     They talked about their roles, the fabulous Ian McKellen (Magneto) kept hitting on Michael Fassbender (Young Magneto) which is funny for a whole list of reasons, 

     And Halle Berry (Storm) wondered why Storm doesn't get much fan love. I'd hate to be the one to tell her that people love Storm... Just not necessarily her portrayal. She conffesed that she sees Storm as the mom figure. While Storm is certainly the matriarchal figure of the group, she is just as strong as the Professor. More discipline, less milk and cookies. Then again, thats just my take.

     Batman Superman:
You read right, DC is attempting their first live action character crossover. Whaaaaaat??? Ok honestly, thats pretty cool but all they did was show a clip of a logo. Guess its been green lit, let see if it make it off the starting line or ends up in the movie morticians office next to the Wonder Woman movie.

     Can the Hall H audiences hearts take much more? They're gonna have to. For it has come time for the much anticipated 'Cap, Thor' panel.
     Forget Marvel vs DC. Its 20th Century Fox vs Marvel Studios. For what awesome content Fox had going on, Marvel somehow always manages to bring the finesse.

     'Thor: The Dark World'
     Not only did they bring Tom Hiddleston (Loki) to present a clip for the new 'Thor' movie, he came out in full Loki gear with a shakespearian monologue for Hall H that could bring Richard the Third to his crippled knees. Aaaaand the audience looooved it. I have an interesting story from back stage that involves a sawed off water bottle, but that ones better left unsaid. Oh the lengths some must go for their craft.

     'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'
     They brought out the cast for the new 'Captain America' movie including Chris Evans (Cap) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow). Its an action packed movie where Cap learns to adjust to all the new technology and discovers an old friend he thought long since past. I even believe they might be laying the groundwork for a widow cap love connection, but one can only hope.

     'Guardians Of The Galaxy'
     Last but certainly not least, they brought out the cast of this quirky new movie staring Zoe Saldana (Ohura) and Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation). During which Karen Gillan (Amy Pond of Docor Who) ripped off her wig, having shaved her head for the roll (something I've done before for a role, interesting experience) and tossed it to the crowd, thinking some nerd wouldn't try to keep it for their collection. (Think she somehow got it back) 
     Don't underestimate this comedic space adventure. From the trailer, it looks hilarious, well acted, and full and of awesome alien interaction. Its like 'Galaxy Quest' meets 'The Fifth Element.' I hope you will all join me in supporting this one. Personally, I will be seeing this one in theaters.

     'Kevin Smith'
     This was all followed by Kevin Smith's anual stand up rutene which I was not around for since I was literally about to pass out from exhaustion.

     Once I woke up from my coma I somehow managed to drag my but out of bed and into the gas-lamp districts for some much needed thai food. After many run around texts about what to do that evening, Mr Matthew Senreich of Robot Chicken finally caught up with me regarding a Nerd HQ party.

     Now let me take this time to express my love of Zachary Levi and what he has done for nerddom and the fans themselves. Providing an in theme place for Con goers in need of an after Con drink is nothing short of a stroke of genius. With hollywood renting out all the local venues, fans have been hard pressed to find an after hours place to party they could A) get into B) afford. 

     That being said, the party Senreich invited me to was apparently a private charity event held by none other than Mr Levi himself. 

     A party we could not get into without Matt personally being with us, something neither of us were aware of. 
     So after waiting nearly an hour and almost spending my saturday night at Con in my hotel room watching Sponge Bob reruns, Matt manged to get us in by the skin of his teeth.

     Now after getting in, I quickly realized why it was so private for a charity event. It was almost exclusively for the hollywood elite. I don't mean there were a coupe celebrities, it was 75 percent celebrities, if not more, and they were all cutting a rug. So as a random turn of the fates would have it, I spent my night surrounded by the cast of 'Once Upon A Time,' 

     'Game of Thrones,' 

     and 'The Walking Dead. 

     Lets of course not leave out Nathan Fillion (Castle), 

     Joss Whedon (Buffy), 

     Seth Green (Robot Chicken), 

      Tom Huddleton (Loki), 

     Sam Witwer (being Human US) 

     And so many more I didn't have the spare energy to count. Was too busy dancing and having a great time. Thankfully no one had me kicked out for being the nobody that I am lol Very thankfull I could be a part of this wounderful event.

     Needless to say I got in at 330 am, spent the next day completely exhausted, and I didn't regret a moment of it.


     The epic conclusion of this working weekend.
     Somehow, some way, I managed to drag myself to the convention at 7:30am. Couldn't tell you how I did it, but I'm pretty sure it involved coffee.

     This was a fun panel where they brought their main actors Jared Padalecki (House of Wax) and Jensen Ackles (My Bloody Valentine) to interact with fans with whom they have a great relationship. I just felt bad screening their questions for Q&A because I had no idea what their questions were about. All I could really understand was something about angels and demons.

     'Braking bad' 
     This panel brought their lead, Bryan Cranston (Malcolm In the Middle) and their main cast. It was a surprisingly lighthearted event for a show about a suburban drug dealer. I have to say that Mr Cranston is quite fun to watch, an extremely good actor, and a very funny man. 
     Did anyone take a picture with a cos player Walter White? Well surprise, it was Cranston walking the floor in a surprisingly well made mask modeled after his own head. 

     After this little gem was revealed, Cranston continued to make out with the mask of his own face, which he had place over his microphone, in a disturbing yet amusing manor.

     'Doctor Who' 
     This panel brought two doctors (Matt Smith the 11th doctor, and David Bradley who is revising the role of the 1st doctor) and a companion Jenna Coleman (Clara). Matt and Jenna told a fun story about coming to con and playing punch bug every time they saw cosplayers of the Doctor and Clara (I like to do the same thing with punisher t-shirt sightings). Apparently they surprised the heck out of a couple costumed kids who didn't recognize the stars until they had driven past.
     They showed footage of the 1st Doctor played by Bradley, who made everyones nightmares come true in the red wedding on 'Game of Thrones.' Says that apparently he has not been receiving many wedding invitations as of late. 

     Kidna had the pleasure of riding in the elevator with this very sweet man who complimented her dress. Anywho. In the tradition of the pre 2000 Doctor Who's, they are doing a tri Docor movie/episode with the 1st, 10th, and 11th Doctors. Move over John Hurt, They're coming to fix some timey wimey.

     The return of Dan Harmon who joined the panel with show regulars like Jole McHale (The Soup) and Danny Pudi (Abed). 

     This nerdy comedy has seen its ups and downs but the fans have stayed with it through thick and thin. The shows creator is back, after a sabbatical to Animal Practice. He has revealed a new season and that a possible follow up D&D episode might be in the works.

     'It's Always Sunny'
     It was a high energy and amusing panel where they showed a full episode to the audience before bringing out such cast members as Danny DeVito (The Penguin) and Charlie Day (Horrible Bosses). Here they discussed future episodes and just how much worse they could possibly make theses characters.

     'Sons of Anarchy' 
     Everyones favorite biker gang came out to see the fans at Con with nearly the whole cast including Katey Segal (Married with Children) and Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim) where they spoke about their possibly final season and the different paths these characters have taken in its seven season run. Durning this pannel I was quite happy that I got to see my friend Kim Coates (Tig) who I made friend with when I stood in on the show in the second season.

     When the lights finally came up in Hall H it was almost hard to believe it was all over. Another Con in the bag and I had somehow managed not to get sick. Pretty awesome right? Ill consider that a personal victory.

     So I went off to hang with my room mate, Amy Judd Leiberman, Matt Laumann, my Con peeps, and shared a cigar with Eddie the head of programing. Here is to a job well done and another year of blood sweat and tears. Thank you all!

     See you next year Comic Con for 2014


     Kidna Styx and Awahl